Amy Miller, MD

OB/GYN Amy Miller, MD

About Dr. Miller

I was raised by my grandparents in a small mining town in Northern Minnesota. I learned the value of hard work from them, as well as a love of home cooking in my grandmother’s kitchen. My grandfather fell ill with leukemia during my college years at a time when I was still debating my future between biology, or a fine arts and painting degree. Both my sister and I were influenced by my grandfather’s experience. My sister became an oncology nurse in South Carolina and I focused on biology and applied to medical school. 

I graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School in 2003. After graduation, I entered my internship in family medicine in Colorado where I honed in on my desire to be a primary provider in women’s health. Ultimately, I returned to Minnesota to complete a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology from 2004-2008. Upon completing my residency I joined a large multi-specialty organization in Minneapolis. There, I was able to sharpen my clinical and surgical skills, and become more confident in patient management. However, I found I desired the personal, one-on-one care that is hard to practice in a large organization. I found a private practice in Oregon that allowed me to fulfill that desire, and also gave me a chance to escape the Minnesota winters and explore the Northwest Coast. The most cherished part of my career has been sharing in the journey of my patient’s life where, through shared-decision making, I can help promote her optimal health with personalized care.

Experiencing this connectedness with my patients, I realized the importance of coming home; to family, to my roots. My family has made South Carolina their home since 1993. I look forward to raising my children with the warmth of extended family nearby.

Special Interests: both low and high-risk obstetric cases, office procedures, gynecology, minimally invasive hysterectomy, ablations and contraceptive management.

Favorite health tip: Moderation is the key to happy living.

Personal Interests: I value family time with my husband Chad, daughter Adelaide, and son Ike. With my sister and her children, my aunt and parents, I enjoy cooking a good meal and playing a board game or two.  I love to try new restaurants. I have been called “the wandering fork” as I like to sample a bit of every plate I can reach.   I enjoy live music, hiking, reading, rollerblading, tennis, and teaching my kids about the importance of healthy living, love and appreciation of family.


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